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Newborn Baby Foot

Infant or Toddler Assessment (ages 0-5)

Physical Therapy Session

Physical Therapy/Sports Evaluation (ages 6+)

Mother and Daughter Using Laptop


Evaluation and follow-ups with a licensed physical therapist who specializes in pediatrics

Evaluation |  55 mins

Follow-ups  |  30-60 mins

Evaluation and follow-ups with a licensed physical therapist.

Evaluation |  55 mins

Follow-ups  |  30-60 mins

Physical Therapy anytime, anywhere! 

Evaluations and follow-ups available. 

Evaluation: 45-60 minutes

Follow-ups: 30/45/ 60 minutes

Organization Support

Need us to come to you? No problem. Ice skating, baseball to track, we can come to your facility and assess you there, or work together with your current school or medical staff/athletic trainer. Being part of a team is what it is all about!

Sports Readiness Assessment

Evaluation of strength, range of motion, balance, and functional activities to assess biomechanical components that may cause injury playing your sport. 

Assessment  |  55 mins

Sports Shoes

Complimentary Injury Assessment

Complimentary Injury Assessments for kids and athletes!

Your assessment Includes: 20 minutes one-on-one

with a Licensed Physical Therapist.


Pediatric Orthopedics and Sports Medicine

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