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Congratulations Trinity!
Athlete of the Month
March 2021

Meet Trinity!

What sports have you played?  

I played soccer for about 10 years. I did do some other sports like swimming and skiing but soccer was what I was really passionate about. 


What is your favorite position to play? 

I loved playing defense and sometimes midfield. 


What is your favorite thing to eat? 

My favorite food is sushi. 


What is your favorite movie?  

One of my favorite movies is Saving Private Ryan. 


What injury did you have?

I injured the cartilage behind my patella (kneecap). I had a  MACI surgery which is where they take my own cells and use them to rebuild the cartilage. 


If you had surgery, what did you learn from your surgery? 

I learned that it’s important to live in the moment but also set yourself up for a good future. It’s really important to keep pushing towards something even if it’s hard and to find the people in your life that will support you through anything. 


What advice would you give a kid that is recovering from an injury? 

It can be really hard mentally, not only physically. A lot of people around you might not be able to understand you’ll get through it because you’re a lot stronger than you think you are. 


What is your dream job? 

Anything in pediatrics, especially a pediatrician or a physician’s assistant. 


Who inspires you

My little sister. 


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