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Congratulations Anna!
Athlete of the Month
May 2020

What Sport do you participate in?

Figure Skating


How long have you ice skated?

I have been skating since I was 4 years old.



What is your favorite part about competing?

My favorite part about competing is having the opportunity to travel. Every rink is unique, and I find that the competitive energy in the arena pushes me to perform better. It’s refreshing to skate somewhere other than my home rink once in a while, and it provides a nice break from the daily routine.


What is the best lesson playing sports has taught you?

Two of the most important things I have learned through sports are work ethic and mindset. These qualities are admired in all aspects of life, whether it be in sports, school, or work. I am grateful that I’ve had the opportunity to work with people who encourage me to always put forth my best effort and teach me the importance of maintaining a positive mindset. Through training, I have learned how to focus on something I want to achieve, and continue trying until I do so. 


What have you learned while rehabbing from your injury?

The key takeaway from this experience is that the focus should be on the strength, stability, and mobility of certain muscle groups instead of just trying to execute the element. While it is important to refine specific skills, it is easy to forget about the small things like having proper alignment. I have found that not only will adjusting my focus help prevent injury in the future, I am also becoming a stronger skater because of it.

Inspire Physical Therapy wants to wish Anna a Congratulations on her graduation from PCC!


After attaining early graduation from Southridge High School she will be following her passion with psychology !!


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