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Multi Screen Gaming

Screentime Pearls and Posture Guidelines


Safer screentime: 

  • Follow the 20-20-20 rule to minimize eye fatigue:

    •  Stare at something 20 ft away for 20 s every 20 min (69). ment of visual acuity and screening for refractive errors (consider every six months).  

  • Consider utilization of special eyewear with blue-light blocking lenses.  

  • Make sure your kids report any incidence of headaches, or blurry vision after using the computer.  

Kids with Backpacks



  • Backpacks should weigh less than 15% of the child’s body weight (this includes homework, tablet/laptop, lunches, water bottles, and anything else that they need to carry.  
    -> To decreased the weight have your child use their lockers, or take out the books needed for next class and hold them in front of body to take some of the weight off your back. 

  • The size of the backpack should not exceed the child’s torso length or width. 
    -> Watch the straps to make sure they are not too loose. Adjust the shoulder and hip straps so the bag is higher up and sits snug against their back

  • Choose padded shoulder straps and, when possible, a hip strap to distribute the weight. 
    -> Make sure that your student is wearing both straps over their shoulders. Wearing one strap creates a compensated side lean which puts excess stress on their spine. 

  • Load the backpack with the heaviest items toward the bottom and against their back, and lighter items toward the front of the bag.
    ->Make sure you are creating a more vertical force by keeping folders and books closest to the body. Water bottles should have a holder on the side of the backpack to keep the weight centralized.



Best Desk Practices

Need some ideas about how to sit at your desk. Here is a nice diagram by Ergonomic Trends.  They have some great ideas on how to improve your workspace.

Other ways to improved your computer or study area:

  1. Make sure your lower back supported by a lumbar curve, you can use a pillow or even a rolled up sweatshirt.

  2. Try to have your bottom & thighs distribute your body weight.

  3. Lastly, try to have the area behind the knee not touch the end of the chair.

  4. Make sure you are taking breaks!   Active breaks and frequent changes of position increase circulation and let the eyes relax. Parents must insist that children who use the computer for an hour or more at a time should move around often and get up every half-hour or so. 

Ergonomic References for younger students: 
Ergonomic and Correct Sitting Posture for Children- Some Guidelines
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