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Coaches Corner:

Welcome to the IPT Coaches corner!

Here you will find great links to information for safety, injury prevention, and injury information. Please feel free to share any of this information. If you have any questions about a topic not covered on this page, please feel free to email me at and we will do our best to find you the information you need. 


Making our kids safer is our mission!


Safety is a priority when it comes to keeping your athletes healthy and ready for competition.  In this section, you can find resources that will provide information about the best shoes for each sport, best braces for the athletes to wear, how to properly ice an injury and what to do in the case of a concussion.


When it comes to sports, it is important to have athletes competing safely at all levels.  Click here to find about available braces for your sport.


Whether minor or major, concussions are a serious injury that should be treated right away.  Click here to find more information on concussions.


Whether it's for injury prevention or injury treatment, icing is extremely important. Click here to find information on icing techniques.


Shoes are the foundation to all sports.  Choosing the correct shoes is important for athlete safety and performance.  Click here for more information.

Warming Up

The key to athlete safety while on the court, whether in practice or in competition, is a proper warm-up routine. Having a proper warm up routine can significantly reduce the chance of injury to your athletes.  Check out the guide of recommended warms ups provided below.

Common Injuries and prevention

Injuries are a common occurrence among athletes at all levels of playing.  Below we have provided links to sports and the common injuries in each for both athletes and coaches to be aware of.  Click on your respective sport to learn more about common injuries and ways to prevent them.

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