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Just saw a great question from a mom on Facebook, "does anyone have ideas for stocking stuffers for an active 10 year old boy"?  

That got me thinking... what toys are out there that can get my own kids to move? Better yet, what toys are out there that can get ALL kids to move?

Here in Oregon it is definitely becoming winter with cold weather and lack of sunlight.

A visit to a local toy store here in town called Piccolo Mondo helped me solve this question.

Enjoy our video on gift ideas for the holidays, including stocking stuffers. Below you will find links to some of the products shown and reviews. 


*Follow all safety instructions that are given with the toys! 

*There was no compensation from the store or from any of the toy manufacturers, this is truly independent!  For more information about some of the toys featured, and reviews that I found online, look at the bottom of the page! 

We want to thank Piccolo Mondo Toys for allowing in to film and play with their to...

My 10 year old son plays basketball and he is getting really sore after playing games. He keeps pointing to his heels and even limps sometimes. What is it? He didn't start the game limping.

The Most Common Cause of Heel Pain in kids is....

Sever’s Disease(also known medically as calcaneal apophysitis)

Sever’s disease occurs at the ankle and is the most common cause of heel pain in children age 5-11. This disease was named after Dr. James Warren Sever who first described the disorder in 1912. The pain is caused by inflammation that occurs at the growth plate (called the apophysis) at the heel bone (called the calcaneus). This disorder is irritated by physical activity such as walking, running, and jumping.  Sometimes this pain can be so severe that you may see your child start to limp after practice or games. This pain can be worsened by increases in the duration (amount time playing) or the frequency of practices and games. 

What's going on inside th...

What are the best exercises to avoid an ankle sprain?

A: Strengthen your feet?


B: Work on your balance?

A study conducted in 2016 researched basketball players for 6 years and found that balance exercises were the variables most connected to avoiding ankle sprains. In another study in 2015,  researchers found those who had suffered a previous ankle sprain showed decreased re-injury from the introduction of balance exercises.

Currently, ankle sprains are more predominant in women than men and more frequently found in court sports like volleyball, basketball, and tennis. These sports challenge participants with repetitive cutting activities on surfaces with quick reaction speeds. By adding a simple balance routine to your workouts, you may be able to avoid spraining your ankle.

Another interesting note found in the 2016 study... After the 6 years, ankle taping had decreased from 90...

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